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At Raiz we know there can be a lot of complicated jargon and financial lingo thrown around the investing space, and we want to help you navigate through some terms that you might have heard in the media, around the water cooler, or perhaps just at the pub with your mates. Maybe you know all of them, maybe you know none, but hopefully this list can create a new level of understanding for you. We know there might be a lot to take in, so we are splitting this A-Z over three easy-to-read instalments.

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George Lucas, Raiz Group CEO

Last week has seen further evidence of a trend already underway for some time in the financial markets — the rally in equities and the decline in the US dollar. November was one of the best months on record for equity markets and also one of the worst in recent times for the US dollar.

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Hello December! ‘Tis the season for the best calendars on the planet: Advent Calendars!

Welcome to the Raiz Advent Calendar! Let’s see how many of these you can stick to. They may not be sweet like chocolate, but here are some small steps that should help improve your financial waistline this holiday season.

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Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.” — Napoleon Hill

If there’s one thing we could all probably use a lot more of, it’s the ability to stay focused. Telling yourself to set goals is one thing, but staying focused and completing those tasks is the hard part.

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