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Travelling is an amazing experience. Venturing to new places, experiencing different cultures, and of course, tasting new cuisines.

What’s not so “amazing” is the costs associated with travelling. It can be an endless cycle of searching through countless websites trying to get the best possible deals for the trip.

Here we dive into all the big-ticket items you need to plan for and how you can earn rewards in each category. By booking or buying through Raiz Rewards, you can cut down on your travel expenses and make your trip more wallet-friendly, all while getting a percentage of your purchase invested back into your Raiz account.


Getting there

Depending on the cashback percentage provided by the airline, you could get yourself a substantial amount of cashback on your purchase. Platforms such as Expedia and also offer rewards for bookings made through their services.

Airlines offering Raiz Rewards;

Where to stay

Whether you’re preparing for an adventurous backpacking journey or indulging in a luxurious five-star experience, there are numerous booking platforms available where you can earn Raiz Rewards!

Check out these booking platforms:

How to get around

Renting a car is like having your own magic carpet while on vacation! It gives you the freedom to roam and discover your destination on your own schedule. It’s all about going where the wind (or your car 😉) takes you!

What to do

Using Raiz Rewards to book activities and experiences can add an extra sparkle to your trip while keeping your wallet happy! With tons of activities and attractions on offer, from tours to theme park adventures and beyond, Raiz Rewards has you covered. Plus, when you book through Raiz Rewards, you earn a percentage of your purchase back in your Raiz account, making your trip even more budget-friendly and fun!

Travel insurance

Medical surprises, last-minute changes, flight hiccups, or even playing hide and seek with your luggage are all solid reasons to think about travel insurance!

With many travel brands available on Raiz Rewards, you don’t need to spend hours on ends scavenging for the best deals for your next adventure! By earning cashback for your travel expenses, you can be sure that you are having the time of your life while making smarter financial decisions!

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Published 6/6/2024


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