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It’s a question with no exact answer. But it is an important question nonetheless, and one you should consider asking yourself from time to time. Just like everyone has different savings and investment habits, everyone has a different lifestyle, meaning the estimate of the amount needed for a comfortable retirement will vary according to the expected lifestyle of the individual or couple.

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Written by Ben Nash, financial advisor and founder of Pivot Wealth.

Raiz Home Ownership have partnered up with Pivot Wealth and General Assembly to deliver a series of free online property focused money education events to make buying a home or investment property more straightforward. Events in the series can be found here.

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The growth in the Aussie property market has been huge in recent years, with the average house price up over 400% since the 1990’s. The strategy of buying property is something that has proven successful across several decades, but what strategy is best in 2021?

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Investing can be like taking a leisurely drive somewhere. You have a degree of control in the journey, but every now and then you could encounter something that either speeds it up or slows it down. But now imagine you are driving aimlessly, with no purpose, and no sense of direction. How are you meant to know where to go if you have no plan and no route?

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