Imagining your Raiz account as a
healthy nest egg may be challenging when you first get started. Patience is a
virtue in nature AND investing.

If a user adds only $1 per day to
their Raiz account, it will typically take about one year before the account
generates more than it costs*.  Likewise, money sitting in a bank account
may incur more fees than it earns in interest until the balance is large

Raiz provides the most natural
way to invest. If you start small, contribute often and commit long-term, you
can help build a financial future which is in balance with whatever your life
goals may be. Tools like Round Ups, Lump Sum Deposits and Recurring Deposits
make contributions easy, and we invest in low cost ETFs so we can pass along
low management fees. Using Raiz for a year can cost less than some traditional
brokers charge for two trades. For more information on Raiz fees, click here.

Many Investors decide to start
their account with a lump sum (a single payment, perhaps $50, $100, $500 or
more) because it will likely earn more money faster. If you are unable to
invest a lump sum when you start, Round-Ups remain a smart way to put aside
spare change for your future. You’re getting started, and that’s the single
most important part of investing: beginning.

Even if you build your account
slowly, it will one day be a lot larger than what you started with. Whenever
you’re feeling discouraged, think of the mighty oak tree, and have patience.

*Assumes average long term rates
of return. 



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