Standard Portfolios

(Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive & Emerald)


For Accounts Under $15k


For Accounts $15k+

Custom Portfolio


For Accounts Under $20k


For Accounts $20k+

Sapphire Portfolio



Never Locked In

You can withdraw any amount from your Raiz account at any time without ever having to pay any fees or penalties.

No Minimums

We never charge fees on a $0 account balance and you can get started with as little as $5. Get started today.

Set it & Forget it

Automatically invest spare change from your purchases or set recurring monthly deposits. We’ll take care of the rest.

Underlying Issuer Transaction and Operational Costs

The Issuers of ETFs held in a Raiz Investment Account incur transaction and operational costs in relation to the management of the underlying investments in the ETF (Underlying Issuer Transaction & Operational Costs). For the Raiz Investment Account (Moderately Aggressive Portfolio), the Underlying Issuer Transaction and Operational Costs are currently estimated at 0.04% p.a., or $20.00 p.a. for an account balance of $50,000. See PDS and AID for a worked example of Management Costs plus estimated Underlying Issuer Transaction and Operational Costs.

Raiz Invest Super



Indirect Cost Ratio

The indirect cost ratio (ICR), for an option offered by a superannuation entity, is the ratio of the total of the indirect costs for the MySuper product or investment option, to the total average net assets of the superannuation entity attributed to the investment option. It is taken into account in the underlying ETF’s unit price (when unit prices are calculated).

Explore the Fees

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for a more detailed explanation of the fee.
For Raiz Invest Super, please read the Raiz Invest Super Product Disclosure Statement.