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Social Responsibility

At Raiz, we believe it is important to give back to the community. We support charities and programs through donations and mentorship to organisations helping disadvantaged kids, as well as programs protecting our Australian rainforests and planting new trees.

A special thanks for all your support as without you, none of this would be possible.

In the last financial year, Raiz Australia donated $32,000 to children’s charities.

Recent donations:

The Girls and Boys Brigade

Catering for over 150 boys and girls aged 5-18 years and their families who often struggle with significant life challenges. The Girls and Boys Brigade provides a range of education and recreation programs along with the vital support to strengthen families and encourage a more positive future.

Kit bag for kids

Kit bag for kids aims to support the targeted health and well-being programmes delivered to children in need by promoting and conducting relief for disadvantaged children in Australia.


During anti-poverty week, we partnered with Oaktree to challenge all Australians to join the movement against poverty. After kickstarting the campaign with a $5,000 donation, the money raised will fund more than 300 one-year scholarships for young people in Cambodia.


Money is only one way we like to support non-profit organisations.

Partnering with The Girls and Boys Brigade, we welcomed two year 10 students who visited Raiz as their work experience. While here, we worked together to understand their interests, building their confidence and skills for the future.


86% of Raiz users surveyed strongly believe in the dangers of climate change. We hear your concerns and are equally passionate about reducing our impact on the environment.

Offsetting our Carbon Footprint since inception

A sustainable future is just as important as growing your financing wellbeing. That’s why Raiz as a company has been offsetting our estimated carbon footprint since inception. We believe more companies should do the same to support a better future for the environment together.

Plant a Tree Program

We have currently planted over 9,799 trees on our users’ behalf. As we continue to grow our Raiz community, we hope to provide more opportunities to grow this program.

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