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Keen to know when your next dividends will be paid? See the dates below.

In the 2019/20 financial year, Raiz re-invested over $11.7M in dividends back to our users.


What is a Dividend?

As well as gains on market returns from investing, dividends (or distributions) is money paid by a company back to you, their shareholder, out of its profits.

Raiz users choose to invest in one of our six investment portfolios, that comprises a mix of nine different exchange traded funds (ETF). The underlying stocks of these ETFs which make up the Raiz portfolios pay dividends from time to time. The ETF provider pays these dividends out, quarterly or twice yearly.  All dividends received by Raiz will be automatically re-invested back into your Raiz investment account, and your chosen portfolio.

See our blog on What is an ETF and how they differ.

When they are paid out will depend on what portfolio you are on.

Below is a schedule on when we expect dividends to be paid by the ETFs accordingly for the financial year ending 2020.

Note: Some of these dates are estimated timings based from last year’s payment schedule that will change. Please refer to each ETF provider’s website for more details on exact dates when made available.


A quick summary on each ETF payout:

  • AAA (Cash) pays monthly
  • IVV (S&P 500) pays quarterly
  • IEU (S&P Europe 350) pays twice yearly
  • STW (S&P 200) pays quarterly
  • RCB (Corp. Bond) pays quarterly
  • IAF (Composite Bond) pays quarterly
  • ETHI (Sustainability) – pays twice yearly
  • RARI (Responsible Investment) pays twice yearly
  • IAA (S&P Asia 50) pays twice yearly



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