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In the ever-evolving world of personal finance, a new trend is taking the world by storm, and it’s not another viral dance or platform crocs. Enter “Loud Budgeting,” a social media phenomenon that’s not just making waves on TikTok but also transforming the financial habits of people across the globe.

The power of loud budgeting:

Sharing Financial Goals:

TikTok users are embracing “Loud Budgeting” by sharing their savings goals with the world. It’s not just about whispering your financial aspirations; it’s about shouting them from the proverbial rooftops. Consider taking it a step further by sharing your financial aspirations on social media platforms, and why not include Raiz in the mix? Sharing your savings goals and progress you make is a great way to take part in loud budgeting.

Breaking the Taboo:

In a society where discussions about money are often shrouded in shame, loud budgeting is breaking down barriers. As money expert, Effie Zahos says; “Anything that jeopardises your budget, your goals, you say no and you be proud of it and you be loud about it,”
By openly discussing budgets, individuals not only hold themselves accountable but also allow their friends to provide support and encouragement.

Tools for Accountability:

Loud budgeting goes beyond just words; it involves practical tools. One tip is to put a discouraging sticker on your credit cards as a visual reminder to save money. This tangible reminder prompts individuals to question each purchase: Is it a need, a love, a like, or a want? These tools not only serve as reminders but also foster a mindset shift toward mindful spending.


How to implement loud budgeting in your life:

Set Specific Financial Goals:

Identify clear and specific financial goals for the year. This not only helps articulate your intentions but also provides direction for effective budgeting. Setting a ‘Savings Goal’ in the Raiz app (with custom automatic investments built in) will help forecast the date you will achieve your goal.

Consider Your Values:

Create a spending plan that aligns with your personal values, goals, and priorities. Make decisions that support your financial goals while staying true to what matters most to you.

Communicate Your Needs:

Have open and honest chats with friends and family about your financial goals. If saying no to certain activities is met with resistance, explain that it’s about sticking to your goals, not rejecting them.

Be Creative With Alternatives:

When cutting back on spending, get creative with alternative plans. Suggest low-cost or free alternatives to social activities, ensuring you can still make memories without overspending.

Embrace Money-Saving Hacks:

Explore various money-saving hacks, such as negotiating bills, cancelling unused subscriptions, and utilising cash-back rewards programs (like Raiz Rewards 😉). Look for ways to cut costs without sacrificing your lifestyle.


As the #loudbudgeting trend gains momentum, it’s clear that a cultural shift towards financial transparency and responsibility is underway. By openly sharing financial goals, breaking the taboo surrounding money, and implementing practical tools, individuals are not just saving money but also transforming their relationship with finances.


Loud Budgeting and the Raiz app easily go hand in hand, your financial goals can become not just aspirations but tangible achievements! The journey to financial freedom begins with a loud and proud commitment to your financial well-being.



Published 5/2/2024


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