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“Compound return is the 8th wonder of the world. He who
understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it”

Albert Einstein wasn’t known for
investing, but he got it spot on with this. Let’s understand the power of
compound returns, why it’s important, and how you can use it.

The concept of return is
simple; take Albert who has $1,000 in his account – If he earns a return rate
of 8%, he earns return of $80 ($1,000 x 8%), over one year.

Now, the idea of compound
is pretty simple too, it’s just earning return on
your return
, over time.  For example, Albert earned $80 of return in
year one; in year 2 Albert earns 8% return on his $1,000, and, 8%
return on the $80 he earned in year one. So in year two Albert earns returns of
$86.40 ($1,080 x 8%), bringing his total balance to $1166.40. A modest
increase, but over time this effect snowballs, and after 40 years of compound
return, Albert’s $1,000 grows to nearly $22,000, that’s 2200%.

Why is this important to you? By
choosing to invest now, you could make compound returns work for you, and help
you reach your financial goals in the future.

If you start investing now, and
patiently let your money enjoy compound return, the returns could be truly life

– If you’re 25 and choose to
start investing now, say $1,000 a year, until your 65, with a return of 8% p.a.,
you could put a handy $280,000 towards your retirement.

–  If you wait until you’re
30 to invest, you’ll put about $186,000 away

–  And if you don’t start
investing until you’re 35, you’ll only put $120,000 away.


graph showing effect of time on compound returns
The earlier you start, the more time compounding has to take effect.


With Raiz we encourage investors
to start small, contribute often, and commit long-term.




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