Raiz FUM surpasses $500 million - Raiz Invest

Today we are pleased to report reaching the significant milestone of having over $500 million in Funds Under Management (FUM) in Australia at the end of September.

Our mission from day one has always been to increase the financial wellbeing of Australians, and its great to see how much progress our community has made in securing and taking control of their finances. Together, we’ve eliminated the notion that investing is something reserved for the wealthy, and effectively democratised access to investing by allowing anyone with $5 dollars to start.

Globally, there are now over 288 thousand people using Raiz, and this is growing every day. Pushing through the $500 million barrier is especially relevant considering that the bulk of our userbase is made up of young Australians, who as a group are going through a period of financial uncertainty. Even through these tough times you’ve stayed the course, continuing to put aside and grow your money for the future.

We’re so excited to continue this story together. Bring on one billion!

Thanks for your support,

– The Raiz Team



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