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Screenshots of the revamped new Raiz app

We’re excited to report that we have completed the full roll out of our refreshed Raiz app, with new features and design enhancements to improve user experience, functionality and performance.

The refreshed user experience, which has been tested by hundreds of our users over the past four months, brings all the customers’ key investment information to the home screen, including the performance of the selected portfolio for Raiz and Raiz Invest Super.

There are improved navigation features to assist you in seeing the past performance of your Raiz Account, as well as assist in planning and meeting your investment goals and accessing Raiz Invest Super. The new user experience is available on both Android and iOS devices.

When scrolling down the home screen, you can also make one-time investments at the touch of button, see how your spending is tracking and review your Raiz Invest Super Account.

The new Past screen shows investments, dividends and withdrawals.

One new feature is the ability to search Raiz Rewards partners. Raiz Rewards is one of the most popular features of the app that allows users to shop with brands who in turn invest cash into their Raiz or Raiz Super account when they shop online.

Raiz Rewards has grown to include more than 200 brand partners across categories that include food and drink, health and beauty, home, insurance, kids, travel and electronics. The ability to now search by brand and category saves time and provides much more convenience within the app. These are all important navigation changes that users were asking us to introduce.

The new app also benefits from a cleaner and more contemporary colour palette and streamlines other features such as setting up Raiz Kids to start saving for a child, Raiz Invest Super, changing selected portfolio and adjusting recurring deposits.

Many of the changes we’ve made follow valuable feedback from our customers, so we believe they will be well received and continue to help our users have a healthy relationship with their personal finances.

Improving financial confidence is a goal we’re all passionate about at Raiz and we’re excited to see how the new app will continue to help our customers engage with their savings so they can meet their financial goals.

Watch the video below for a walk through of the new app.


Video Transcript

Welcome to Raiz. The first screen when you login is the home screen. Here you can see a summary of your investments, Raiz Rewards and Raiz Super balance. If you tap “Past” in the top section of the screen, this will show you a more detailed summary of your investments into Raiz and investment history, such as deposits, withdrawals, Raiz Rewards and any pending deposits.  

If you tap “Future” in the top section of the screen, this will also show you an estimated value projection based on your selected portfolio by age and monthly deposit amount.  

Let’s go back to the home screen by tapping “Today” in the top section of the screen. On the home screen, as you scroll down, you can also go to the performance panel and see how your balance has grown over time by tapping “Performance Details.” You can also tap the arrow in the top left to go back to the previous screen.

As you continue scrolling, you can also make a one-time lump sum investment or access MyFinance by tapping “discover” to find saving opportunities with a personalised overview of your spending and cashflow or access your Raiz Super, if you also have this set up, to view all your investments in one place, on your mobile phone.  

You can also access the settings menu by tapping the menu symbol in the top left. From here, you can tap “Invite your friends” to share your invite code and get a cash reward, or change your account settings such as your funding account, spending accounts or password. You can always go back to the home screen by tapping “Home” in the menu bar. 




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