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Set up Raiz Invest Super: 40 second walkthrough

Mobile is key in today’s world. The Raiz app is the leading investment app in Australia that is completely digital and mobile-first. We have introduced Raiz Invest Super which is fully integrated into the Raiz app.

Raiz Invest Super is fully integrated into the Raiz app.

Raiz Invest Super is designed for a mobile world and the app is all you need to sign up, rollover and view your Superannuation in the palm of your hand.

Below is a quick video on how Raiz Invest Super has made it a simple and easy process to sign up on your mobile phone.


40% of Australians don’t know how much money is in their own Super. Do you?

Raiz Invest Super will allow you to check and rollover your other existing funds, if you choose, in just a few minutes on your mobile phone. The more connected you feel to your future, the more stress-free you can feel today. Invest in yourself today and connect to your future with Raiz Invest Super.

View your existing Super fund balances with SuperMatch in the Raiz app


How do I sign up?

Simply log into your Raiz App and from the Home Screen or Side Menu, go to ‘Super’.

Open Raiz Super
Open Raiz Super


Don’t have the Raiz App?

Download it for free in the App store below:

Click to download the Raiz App


You can find out more about Raiz Super on our Raiz Super FAQs


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