Dividends are coming! - Raiz Invest

Approximately $1.9 million worth of dividends are being paid out over the next couple of weeks, which means more ETFs reinvested into your Raiz account.

You can see the full expected dividend distribution schedule for this financial year here.

The dividends coming in October are from STW, IVV, RCB, AAA and IAF


What are Dividends?

As well as gains on market returns from investing, dividends (or distributions) is money paid by a company back to you, their shareholder, out of its profits.

Your chosen Raiz investment portfolio comprises of up to 7 different exchange traded funds (ETFs). ETFs are essentially just a combination of assets (such as stocks, cash or bonds), bundled together under one roof to form a single financial product that can be traded on the stock exchange.

The underlying stocks of these ETFs, which make up the Raiz portfolios, pay dividends from time to time. The ETF provider’s pays these dividends out monthly, quarterly or twice yearly.

All dividends received by Raiz will be automatically re-invested back into your Raiz investment account based on your chosen portfolio and balance.



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