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You should refer to the Product Disclosure Statement on this Website for more detailed information about the Raiz product.

Why Raiz?

What is Raiz?

Raiz is a financial service, helping you to save and invest your money. We enable Australians to start early, invest often, and reach their financial goals.

How does Raiz work?

Raiz works by allowing you to invest small amounts of money into a diversified portfolio of assets. Raiz is best known for its Round-Up feature which involves rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar and investing the spare change into your Raiz account. This means that for every spend that you make, you are also investing into your Raiz portfolio. Please note that Raiz offers other great ways of investing besides round-ups, for more info please see this article .

What makes Raiz different?

A personalised investment portfolio, no account minimums, no commissions, and fractional investing – all in your pocket. Raiz wants to make investing more accessible for everyone, and at the same time provide a service which also makes saving easy.

Opening an account

What do I need to get started?

After you’ve installed the free Raiz app, all you’ll need to start investing is:
  • Your online banking login information (so we can generate the round ups)
  • Your bank BSB and account number (where we fund your investments from)

What’s involved in the signup process?

We’ve kept the signup process as painless as possible. Simply provide your email address, choose a secure password, link a funding account, and answer a few questions about yourself. Once that’s done we will verify your account as soon as we can.

What is account verification?

The Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML/CTF Act 2006) obliges institutions such as Raiz to collect and verify certain 'information about a customers' identity. This is standard for any financial institution. We ask for some basic information (legal first and last name, home address, date of birth etc.). We will verify your account as quickly as we can once we have this information, however if there is any inaccuracy in the information provided, your funds will not be invested until your identity is verified. You can be sure that Raiz will take care of any information you provide and that our procedures will be keeping in line with Privacy Act 1998.

Is there a minimum investment amount required to open an account?

No, Raiz has no minimum account balance requirement to open an account, but in order for you to start investing your funds into your chosen portfolio your round-ups/lump sums must amount to more than $5. This is conveniently done through our round-ups process; each time you make a purchase, those rounds-ups accumulate towards the $5 threshold.

What happens if I delete the Raiz App from my device, or get a new phone?

Raiz operates in the cloud and your account and investments are safe even if you delete the app or get a new phone or device. Automatic round-ups and recurring deposits will still be processed even if the Raiz app is not currently installed.

Can I withdraw my money or close my account at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your money anytime through the app or you can close your Australian account anytime on the app under My settings > Support > Close account. If you are having issues, please contact us via email at, to receive assistance in the account closure. Please note, that this is for Australian customers only. Also note, that uninstalling the app does not close your investment account or cancel any pending/scheduled transactions.

What is the PDS (Product disclosure statement)?

When you opened you Raiz account you were sent a PDS. There is also a PDS on our website. A PDS is the document that contains information about the Raiz financial product including any significant benefits and significant risks, the cost of the Raiz financial product and the fees and charges that Raiz may receive. You should read the PDS carefully before deciding to open a Raiz Investment Account. (Link to PDS)

My investment portfolio

How do I choose an Investment portfolio?

Raiz has constructed and offers you the choice of 7 portfolios, ranging from conservative (least risky) to aggressive (most risky), along with the Emerald portfolio (socially responsible theme) and the Sapphire portfolio (up to 5% Bitcoin holding). Please refer to the PDS for more information - these portfolios have different risk profiles and accordingly have different expected returns. You can use the iPhone or Android app or visit our website to see the selection of our portfolios and read more about the underlying investments in the PDS we sent you so, you can choose a portfolio which best suits you. Note, if you'd like more info on portfolios, check out this article.

What is my investment portfolio? What do I own?

Your investment portfolio is comprised of 4-7 ETFs and potentially Bitcoin (Sapphire portfolio). ETFs trade like stocks and represent broad holdings of stocks, bonds or cash. For more information on ETFs please read this article. Note, if you'd like more info check out this article.

Can I change my portfolio?

Yes, if you change your mind at any point, you always have the option to change your portfolio to one of the alternatives with no fees being charged for switching. We want you to be sure you’re comfortable with the risk level of whatever portfolio you choose.

Can I invest in individual stocks, bonds or other securities of my choice through Raiz, or opt out of some of Raiz’s investments?

You cannot opt out of any of the ETFs in Raiz’s portfolios, nor of the stocks or bonds of which the ETFs are comprised. You also do not have the option of choosing to invest in other stocks, bonds, or other securities or currency.

Is there risk involved in my investment?

Yes. The securities you own are subject to market fluctuations. This is why we advocate long-term investment goals. For more information about our investment methodology and risks associated with each investment please refer to the relevant sections of the PDS you were sent, on our website. Note, if you'd like more info regarding risk, check out this article.

What is an ETF?

Find out more about ETFs in this helpful article.

Which ETFs make up my portfolio?

For the weighting of each ETF in a given portfolio please refer to the PDS.The following ETFs are included in the portfolios ranging from Conservative to Aggressive:

The Emerald portfolio invests in the following ETFs:

As well as the government bonds (IAF.AU) and money market (AAA.AU) fixed income investments shown above.

The Sapphire portfolio invests in the following ETFs:

The Sapphire portfolio also includes a target asset allocation of 5% Bitcoin.

What is automatic rebalancing?

Automatic rebalancing is Raiz’s method of maintaining your specific portfolio allocation. Market fluctuations may cause some of the securities in your portfolio to appreciate or depreciate in value. When this occurs, we use automatic rebalancing to bring your portfolio back to its specified allocation. This ensures that the securities in your investment account are proportioned correctly.

How does Raiz rebalance my portfolio?

Raiz automatically rebalances your portfolio as you invest. Every time you deposit or withdraw funds, we adjust the proportions of ETFs purchased to move your account towards its target portfolio allocation.

We also periodically review, typically on a quarterly basis, and rebalance your portfolio whenever the percentage holding of one or more ETFs, or Bitcoin, fluctuates 5% above or below its target allocation. We sell overrepresented ETFs, or Bitcoin, and use the proceeds to buy underrepresented ETFs, or Bitcoin, to bring your portfolio towards its target allocation.

Rebalancing also occurs whenever you request to change your portfolio. We adjust the allocation of each fund to match the new risk profile. We sell overrepresented ETFs, or Bitcoin, and use the proceeds to buy underrepresented ETFs, or Bitcoin to bring your portfolio in line with its new target allocation. This rebalancing occurs within a few business days of a portfolio change request.

Won’t I earn dividends and distributions from my portfolio?

Yes you will! Your dividends and distributions will be automatically reinvested in your portfolio, you can view your dividends and distribution history through the platform. Bitcoin does not pay distributions or dividends in any form. Note, if you'd like more info on dividends, check out this article.

How often do I earn dividends and distributions?

The 4-7 ETFs that make up your portfolio pay dividends and distributions on varying schedules. For more detailed information on the ETFs and their dividend schedules please refer to the prospectus of each individual ETF, which will be found on their websites.

How do I cancel pending transactions?

In order to cancel pending investments, please visit the "Past" tab on the home page and find the transaction that you would like to cancel. Select the pending transaction and tap the "Cancel" button to stop that transaction.

Please note: Once the pending period has completed, you will not be able to cancel the transaction as your shares have already been traded in the market; bought or sold and in the process to your funding source.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Raiz account at any time. This will take 5 business days to process before the funds become available in your account due to bank transfer times and the ASX’s 2-day settlement period.

How long does it take to transfer funds into my Raiz account?

It will take 2-3 business days for funds transferred to your Raiz account to become available to invest. These funds will be shown as “pending” during this time period.

Is there a limit to how much money I can deposit at one time?

Yes. There is currently a daily transaction limit of $10,000.

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw at one time?

No. You can withdraw any amount from your balance at any time.

Can I change my funding account?

Yes, if you wish to change your funding account, you must first unlink your current funding account, then add a new one. In accordance with our anti-fraud procedure we may require further verification before a change of funding account is processed – which could take up to 90 business days.

I received a NSF (non-sufficient funds) or fee on my bank account because of Raiz! Can you reimburse me for this?

Raiz reminds all customers to always make sure that their account has the proper funds before committing to an investment in the app. If, for any reason, investments made by you (or because of a setting which you configured in the app) are charged back due to non-sufficient funds or cause a fee on your account, Raiz will not be responsible for any of these fees charged to you by your bank.


Why does Raiz need my bank login information?

You can monitor your spending through the app, allowing you to spot saving opportunities. To access this you’ll need to provide your online banking login information. However, this information is not stored and is not viewable by Raiz - it’s simply used to import your spending activity. This will not enable money to be transferred from your bank account.

Does Raiz store my bank login information on their servers?

No. Raiz does not store your bank login information.

Why does Raiz need my Tax File Number?

We require your Tax File Number to issue you a tax reporting form at the end of each year.

How do I protect my Raiz account?

We recommend that you keep your Raiz account secure by always logging out after use. In fact, we automatically log you out of the app after periods of inactivity and require you to enter your passcode to get back on. Additionally, you should choose a difficult-to-guess password and store it in a secure location.

Note, if you'd like more info on security, check out this article.

My account has been locked due to suspicious activity, how can I get it unlocked?

For your security, we require that you contact the Raiz Support Team in order to unlock your account. Note that this will require the confirmation of some personal information. Please visit the bottom of this page to reach our Support Team. Note, if you'd like more info on our security measures, check out this article.

Taxes and Fees

What if I need to declare my Raiz account to Centrelink/Department of Human Services?

Please email us at and request a holding confirmation for Centrelink with your Raiz account details. Our team will then send through a document which can be provided/uploaded to Centrelink.

Do I have to pay taxes on money I make through my Raiz account?

Yes, you need to pay taxes on all realised capital gains. You can also deduct any realised capital losses.

Note, if you'd like more info on tax implications, check out this article.

How does Raiz make money?

Raiz is completely free to download. Once an account is opened, there are no fees on $0 balances and after that we only charge $3.50 per month for accounts with a balance under $15,000 and 0.275% per year (charged monthly, computed daily), for accounts with a balance of $15,000 and over (excluding Sapphire and Custom portfolios).

For customers invested in the Sapphire portfolio, the fee structure is $3.50 per month and 0.275% for all accounts, regardless of balance over $0.

For customers invested in the Custom portfolio, the fee structure is $4.50 per month for accounts under $20,000 and 0.275% per year (charged monthly, computed daily), for accounts with a balance of $20,000 and over.

For more information on our fees, including our Fee Estimator, please visit the PDS on our website.

How and when does Raiz receive its fee?

Fees will be charged on the last market trading day of the month. For accounts with a balance over $15,000 ($20,000 for Custom portfolios), Raiz will sell fractional ETFs or Bitcoin (for Sapphire and Custom portfolios) from your Raiz balance to cover the fee. For accounts with a balance under $15,000 ($20,000 for Custom portfolios), fees will be charged by direct debit from your nominated funding account. The Sapphire portfolio fees will include both the debit from the funding account and the sale of ETFs or Bitcoin from your Raiz balance.

Are there withdrawal fees?

No. It is always free to move money in and out of your Raiz account.

Will I be charged a fee if I have a $0 balance?

No, there are no fees on $0 balances.

Does Raiz provide a tax statement for a Raiz account?

Yes, we create and provide you with an annual tax statement with all the information needed for your tax return in regard to your investment with Raiz. This statement is created in the new financial year and Raiz aims to make these available in the app by the third week of July each year.

What if I have closed my Raiz account?

You are always able to login to closed Raiz accounts for this reason, so you can access all statements, including tax statements for prior years. Your email address and password should still work to allow you to access this account and the statement needed. If you have login issues, please contact support.

How do I use the tax statement?

If you are completing the ATO's paper tax return form, the codes in the last column of the tax statement match the labels for the relevant sections on that form.

If you are completing the tax return online through MyTax, the information in the tax statement will not be pre-loaded on the MyTax system, so make sure you have ticked the relevant options in the "Personalise return" section.

  • Under Australian interest, you will need to select "Interest", "Dividends" and "Managed fund distributions"
  • Under Deduction, select "Gifts, donations, interest, dividends"

In the Prepare Return section, the relevant figures will have the same tax labels as the paper return, found in the last column of the tax statement.

We recommend that you contact a registered tax agent for any additional questions. For more information about how to use your tax statement, please refer to our step by step blog article.


A “round-up” is the virtual spare change captured from rounding up a transaction to the nearest dollar. When you link a credit or debit card to your Raiz account, we track the spare change from your transactions and make it available for you to invest. Your round-ups will be viewable in the app. Simply choose which ones you would like to invest, or change your settings to automatically invest round-ups after each purchase.

Where does the round-up money come from?

Round-up funds come from the funding account that you connect as a funding source for Raiz. If you connect multiple bank accounts, credit or debit cards, then all of your round-ups will still come from only the connected funding account. This funding account is also the account that funds are sent back to when a withdrawal is requested. For example, if you spend $3.50 using your credit card then that $.50 will eventually come out of your funding account when the round-ups add up to at least $5.

How do I set automatic round-ups?

Automatic round-ups can be turned on and off by going to the home page, to “Invest” to “Round-Ups”, to the cog symbol on the top-right once and then again.

Can I still use round-ups without making them automatic?

Yes. If automatic round-ups are turned off, you can go to , to “Invest”, then to “Round-Ups” and manually select which round-ups you want to invest.

Is there a limit on the number of cards I can use for round-ups?

No. You can link as many cards as you like.

Will there be a round-up on whole dollar amounts of money?

Yes, whole dollar or even amounts will round up an entire dollar. However, you can change the amount that is rounded up in these cases, to any amount from $0.00 to $1.00. To do this click on 'My Settings' > 'Spending account' click on cog and adjust the 'Whole Dollar Round ups' toggle.

What happens if one of my linked cards is lost or stolen?

Your account with Raiz is not at risk if one of your linked cards is lost or stolen. However, you should still unlink the card from your Raiz account. This can be done by going to My Settings > Spending account in the menu tab of the app/website.

How does tipping at a restaurant affect round-ups?

Round-ups are based on final amounts charged to your card, including tips.

Raiz Rewards

What is Raiz Rewards?

Raiz Rewards is our loyalty program. When you shop with our partner brands through Raiz Rewards, they will invest a dollar amount or % of your purchase price back into your Raiz account. Raiz may also be paid a fixed amount or % of your purchase price from promoting the partner brand. Note, if you'd like more info on rewards and cashback, check out this article.

How do I get brands to invest in me?

All you have to do is visit the Raiz Rewards section of the app, click on the brand you'd like to purchase from, click the 'Shop Now' link and make your purchase immediately. Through these links, we will be able to automatically track your purchase and invest your Raiz Reward into your account. Please check the Terms & Conditions for each partner as some may have specific requirements.

Do I need to purchase with a spending account linked to Raiz?

For most Raiz Rewards brand partners, as long as you shop through the links in the Raiz Rewards section of the app, you do not need to pay with an account linked as a spending account. For example, if you shop through eBay using PayPal, please use the link in the Raiz Rewards section of the app and shop as normal. Each user’s link is unique so we are able to link back to your account and credit you the Raiz Reward. However, please check the Terms & Conditions for each partner as some may require you to make a purchase using a card that is linked for Round-Ups in Raiz. For in-store rewards, purchases must be paid via your linked spending account or Raiz bundll card.

Is there a way to request a retailer that I like?

Sure! Let us know what retailer you had in mind and we will strive to get in contact with them. You can get in touch with our Raiz Support team at or call us on 1300 754 748. Please also feel free to contact the retailer you had in mind and share your thoughts about Raiz with them too.

What are the Raiz rewards?

You can find the reward offering for each respective brand by selecting their profile within the Raiz Rewards section of the app. If you would like more information about the brands rewards, please refer to the Terms & Conditions within their respective profile. Also check out the Raiz Rewards home page at

What are the terms and conditions?

Each offer has unique terms and conditions. Please check the details in the app for each respective brand in the Raiz Rewards section of the app. The product and delivery of any purchased product is at the discretion and control of the retailer. This includes the product specifics and the timing of deliveries. If you have any dissatisfaction with your service or product, please get in contact with them directly.

When will I get the reward investment?

You will automatically receive your reward investment within 90 days from your date of purchase unless otherwise specified in the partner’s Terms & Conditions. If you have any issues after this period, please email with a copy of the receipt or tax invoice. Please keep in mind that as per the Terms & Conditions, the outcome of the partner investigation will be final and binding.

What is Raiz Rewards in-store?

In-store allows partnered in-store brands to pay Raiz Rewards when you shop at their physical stores in Australia. To participate you need to activate the in-store offer before you begin shopping at the partnered brand. Similar to Raiz Rewards, they will invest a dollar amount or % of your purchase price back into your Raiz account. Raiz may also be paid a fixed amount or % of your purchase price from promoting the partner brand.

How do I get in-store brands to invest in me?

Visit the Raiz Rewards section of the app and click on the 'in-store' category to see eligible brands. Click to activate the in-store offer for each brand, only one activation required for the dates of the promotion term. Make a purchase on your card you've linked as a spending account or Raiz bundll card.

When will I receive my in-store reward?

You will automatically receive your reward investment within 90 days from your date of purchase unless otherwise specified in the partner’s Terms & Conditions. If you have any issues after this period, please email with proof of purchase such as a receipt or bank statement.

What’s the deal with Raiz Energy?

Raiz Energy is our home energy comparison tool to make sure you’re getting the best deal. When you transfer your provider with Raiz Energy, you are eligible for a reward into your Raiz account. If you have questions about Raiz Energy from customers that need answering or need a policy cancelled you can email and they will help you out.

Superannuation and Contributions

How does Raiz work with a superannuation fund?

If your superannuation fund is listed within the Raiz app, you can do voluntary contributions to your superannuation by linking your BPAY details to your Raiz account. Any withdrawals you make from Raiz will give you the option to either transfer to your linked Funding source or make a voluntary contribution to your Super Fund. If you do not have a Super Fund linked to Raiz, you will also have the option at that time to link your Super Fund to Raiz, which will allow you to make a voluntary contribution with your withdrawal from Raiz. You can view your superannuation contributions through the ‘Past’ tab in the app.

Superannuation rules have changed and may now be tax deductible. Please check out our blog to learn more.

I can’t see my superannuation institution listed with Raiz

If your superannuation institution is not listed on the app, we are yet to link up with your institution. To request having it listed, please let your super fund know that you would like them to work with Raiz, as well as contacting our Raiz Support team at or call us on 1300 754 748 and we'll see what we can do!

Can I contribute to my SMSF?

Unfortunately, no. Due to compliance and legal reasons, we can only direct funds from a regular Raiz Invest account back to retail superannuation funds. However, SMSFs can now sign up for a Raiz Invest account and gain exposure to the same portfolio options. Please see the SMSF section of the FAQs for more information.

If I make a voluntary Superannuation Contribution, can I get it back?

Not for a while! Like all Superannuation voluntary contributions, you will not be able to access it again until you are retired. Please consider all voluntary contributions with a licensed advisor before doing it through Raiz.

My withdrawal hasn’t shown up in my Super fund yet?

Please allow a few days for your Raiz withdrawal to be reflected in your super fund, as some funds only update their balances every 3 days. For example, if you withdrew an amount on a Monday morning, it should be reflected in your super fund by Thursday morning. If you're still having issues, please contact our Raiz Support team on or call 1300 754 748.

Sapphire Portfolio

Bitcoin rebalancing

If the price of Bitcoin is falling, the rebalance algorithm will keep buying Bitcoin as its price falls until the Sapphire Portfolio is rebalanced back to the 5% target asset allocation, thereby increasing possible losses if Bitcoin is consistently falling.

See section on rebalancing in the AID here.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work with Raiz?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is treated as an alternative asset class. It is a global digital currency which has a shared ledger and is unregulated by any government or key organisation. We are trading Bitcoin with the New York state regulated Gemini Exchange.

What is the Gemini Exchange?

We use the Gemini Trust Company, LLC (Gemini) to buy and sell Bitcoin. It is a regulated trust bank by New York State and is a leading provider of custody services for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Are there higher risks associated with the Sapphire portfolio (Bitcoin)?

Due to the nature of the Bitcoin, the Sapphire Portfolio carries very high level of risk without necessarily corresponding expected higher returns. In addition, the high volatility of Bitcoin and the uncertainty about their future makes the Sapphire Portfolio unsuitable for most investors, including those with a short-term or long-term investment horizon (such as savings for retirement).

What are the rebalancing risks with Sapphire portfolio (Bitcoin)?

If the price of Bitcoin is falling, the rebalance algorithm will keep buying Bitcoin as its price falls until the Sapphire Portfolio is rebalanced back to the 5% target asset allocation, thereby increasing possible losses if Bitcoin is consistently falling. See section on re-balancing in the FAQs. In addition to depositing and withdrawing money from your Raiz Investment Account, some examples where a rebalancing can be triggered include:

a)  increasing Bitcoin prices resulting in Bitcoin representing 10% of the overall allocation (up from a 5% target asset allocation);

b)  fluctuation of the price of one or more of the other ETFs in the Sapphire Portfolio and a falling Bitcoin price causing Bitcoin to represent practically 0% of the overall allocation (down from a 5% target asset allocation); and

c)  fluctuation of the price of one or more of the other ETFs and Bitcoin in the Sapphire Portfolio causing Bitcoin to represent 10% of the overall allocation (up from a 5% target asset allocation).

Custom Portfolio

What is the Custom Portfolio?

The Custom Portfolio allows you to build your own personalised portfolio by choosing the target weightings from a selection of ETFs and Bitcoin. Your custom portfolio is unique to you.

How does it work?

Once selecting the Custom Portfolio option on the top of the portfolio screen - you can use a slider at the bottom of the screen to select what target weight for each ETF or Bitcoin you want to include into your portfolio. Initially your Custom Portfolio will be allocated 100% to the cash ETF AAA. You can set a target allocation of between 0% and 100% for any of the ETFs. Bitcoin however is capped at a 5% target weighting, the same as the Sapphire portfolio.

What exactly can I invest in with the Custom Portfolio?

You can choose from a selection of ETFs and Bitcoin to invest into with your custom portfolio. The ETFs you can invest in are:
  1. AAA – Betashares Australian High Interest Cash
  2. STW – SPDR S+P 200
  3. IAA – iShares S+P Asia 50
  4. IEU – iShares S+P Europe 350
  5. IAF – iShares Core Composite Bond
  6. RCB – Russell Australian Select Corporate Bond
  7. IVV – iShares Core S+P 500
  8. RARI – Russell Australian Responsible Investment
  9. ETHI – BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders
  10. NDQ – BetaShares NASDAQ 100
  11. FAIR – BetaShares Australian Sustainability Leaders
  12. IOO – iShares Global 100
  13. VGE – Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets Shares
  14. IXJ – iShares Global Healthcare
This list is subject to change so please read the Product Disclosure Statement to see the current list of ETFs.

What fees come with the Custom Portfolio?

Customers invested in the Custom Portfolio will be charged a monthly maintenance fee of $4.50, if the account balance is under $20,000. For account balances equal to or above $20,000, then a fee of 0.275% p.a. will apply and no maintenance fee. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for more details and worked examples.

Can I change the weightings in my custom portfolio?

You can change your custom portfolio at any time. You can choose to switch back into one of our seven standard portfolios, or you can adjust the weightings and allocations of your custom portfolio. This rebalancing occurs within a few business days of a portfolio change request. We do not charge any fees for these changes. Custom Portfolio is not a trading tool and changing your portfolio too frequently is not recommended. To edit your custom portfolio, tap on the ‘Edit portfolio’ button on the Custom Portfolio screen in the app. Once you are done editing and want to save the changes, tap on 'Save Allocation'.

Custom Portfolio rebalancing

If, due to market movement and performance, the weighting of one or more of your ETFs, or Bitcoin, in the custom portfolio changes by more than 5% of the nominated percentage, then the portfolio will automatically rebalance, to realign your portfolio to the originally nominated weightings.

Can I have Bitcoin in my Custom Portfolio?

You can include Bitcoin as one of the options in your custom portfolio. However, like the Sapphire portfolio, the maximum target weighting for Bitcoin in your custom portfolio is 5%.

What is the maximum allocation I can have for a specific investment?

You can have up to a 100% weighting in any one ETF, and up to 5% for Bitcoin.

Can I move from a Custom Portfolio to another Raiz Portfolio?

Yes, you can switch at any time with no additional fees.

How do I change the name of my Custom Portfolio?

Just click 'Edit portfolio' on the Custom Portfolio screen and then tap on the name of the portfolio once you are in editor mode. To save your name, tap on 'Save Allocation'.

I cannot increase the weighting of an ETF, what’s going wrong?

If you have already allocated 100% of the weightings for your Custom portfolio (other than the AAA ETF), you will need to reduce them in other holdings before being able to increase any weightings elsewhere.

What does the ‘Risk Scale’ mean?

The risk scale is automatically adjusted based on the weightings and allocations you select for your custom portfolio. If your risk scale is skewed towards the orange (high) side of the slider, it means that your portfolio has a higher level of risk compared to one that is towards the green (low) side.

Why are the ETFs and Bitcoin different colours?

All the holdings available for Custom are grouped into different asset classes, and each asset class has its own colour. So, any ETFs you see which are the same colour, belong to the same asset class.

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Accounts

Can a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) invest in Raiz Portfolios?

Yes. Raiz Invest is an inexpensive way for a SMSF to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and the money market.

We offer seven portfolios that aim to minimise risk while maximising returns, as well as an option that allows you to build your own custom portfolio.

See more about portfolio options and custom portfolios in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or the Raiz website to determine if Raiz Invest is suitable for your SMSF investment strategy.

How does an SMSF sign up to a Raiz Account?

You can sign up a SMSF to a Raiz Invest Account through the Webapp registration process. Just make sure to select the SMSF option at the start of the registration. You will need to have the name of your SMSF, the date your SMSF was established, your Australian Business Number (ABN) and the Trustee details for a 100-point check to complete the registration. If you have a Corporate Trustee, you will also need to provide the Australian Company Number (ACN) and the Member details of the Fund members.

Raiz will verify your details provided through the Webapp registration process, as well as a 100-point check on all of the Trustees and/or Directors, and we will approve your account as soon as possible.

Like your individual Raiz account, you must link a Funding source to deposit and withdraw funds. Once your account is approved you can deposit and withdraw as normal through the mobile or webapp.

Does the SMSF account show in the same Raiz App?

If you are already a Raiz user and you are signing up for an SMSF account, you will need to use a different email than your current Raiz account. Unfortunately the accounts will not be combined and you will have to set a unique email and password for the SMSF account. Once you have registered your SMSF account on the webapp and it is approved, you can log into the mobile app and use your Raiz SMSF account as normal.

Which portfolio can my SMSF invest in?

You must determine the portfolio that is suitable for your SMSF investment strategy. You can choose from the seven diversified portfolios that Raiz offers, or you can build your own by choosing the Custom Portfolio option. For details of the investment risks and portfolios options please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

You can find out more about the Custom Portfolio option and other options by checking out their section in these FAQs.

What are the fees associated with my SMSF Raiz Account?

There are no brokerage, switching, contribution or withdrawal fees. The Raiz Invest platform has a transparent and clear fee structure. The SMSF account fees are identical to the standard Raiz Invest account. The amount of fees you are charged will depend on the portfolio option you choose. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for more details and worked examples.

How much money does an SMSF need to invest in a Raiz Account?

Our minimum investment is $5.00. Our clients have invested anywhere from $5.00 to over one million dollars into their Raiz accounts.

What happens at year end – Do I get a tax statement for my SMSF?

Yes. Raiz will provide you with a tax statement at the end of the financial year which you can provide to your SMSF accountant or auditor as required. Raiz can also provide a list of all trades for the year associated with your SMSF Raiz account in a .csv file.

Can my Round ups be directed to my SMSF portfolio held with Raiz?

Yes. You can link your spending accounts for Round up transactions and these will then be allocated to your SMSF account. Any round ups or deposits made into your SMSF will be considered as voluntary super contributions.

You can also direct Raiz Rewards towards your SMSF, and these will also be considered as voluntary super contributions.

Should I talk to my advisor before choosing to use Raiz for my SMSF?

Yes. You should talk to your tax and financial advisor to ensure that a Raiz Invest account is suitable for your SMSF investment strategy.

My Finance

What is My Finance?

My Finance is your personal finance concierge, delivered in the Raiz app. My Finance allows you to gain a personalised overview of where you spend your money & your forecast future cashflow, and receive tips & insights regarding your spending & savings.

Note, if you'd like more information on budgeting, check out this article.

How does it work?

My Finance uses your already-linked spending accounts. You can view where you spend your money based on high level categories such as “Shopping” or “Food & Dinning”. It also harnesses machine learning & artificial intelligence to recognize your spending habits and earnings, to create a cashflow forecast to assist you in your financial planning.

Personal tips will be displayed in the Raiz App to help you get a better understanding of your personal finance, without having to add a budget.

Note, if you'd like more information on our budgeting and projection tools, check out this article.

What are the benefits to me?

My Finance can help you effortlessly budget and critically analyse where you spend your money by providing personalised tips on how you may be able to save more money.

Do I have to have a spending account linked?

To get the most beneficial and useful insights you need to link your spending accounts through the Raiz app, so that My Finance can gather the necessary data to provide personalised tips.

If you haven't done this already, you can do so by going through the Raiz app to My Settings > Spending Account > Add Spending Account.

What if I just have my funding source linked?

My Finance will not receive any data if you only have a funding source linked. This is because linking spending accounts provides consent to us to use transactional data, whilst your funding source may only be linked by using a BSB and Account number for direct debits/credits only.

What if some of my transactions aren’t categorised?

If you find that some of your transactions are not yet categorised, please access the My Finance section of the app in the menu bar. From there, please select the 'Categorise Transactions' tab, whereby you will then be able to designate your transactions. You can also change the automatic categorisation done by the Raiz App.

What if I want to not include some transactions in my calculations?

If you would like to uncategorise certain transactions, you can do this too. Please access the My Finance section of the app in the menu bar. From there, you will be able to uncategorise certain transactions as you like.

Can I get a CSV file of my investments?

Yes, you can! If you would like a CSV file of your investments to date, please email us on and we can have our team send you the file. Thank you.


What is Offsetters?

Offsetters is a community inspired membership platform.

In collaboration with Cleaner Climate, we have integrated our core set of environmental values and beliefs into a platform that will complement our environmentally conscious members and their lifestyle choices.

Who is Cleaner Climate?

Headquartered out of Sydney, Australia, Cleaner Climate is a specialist environmental design agency and the co-creators of the Offsetters membership platform. You can find more about their work here –

How does Offsetters work?

Become a member and start reducing your carbon footprint, create impact by collectively supporting natural Australian disaster relief and be rewarded for your efforts with the chance to WIN breathtaking monthly prizes.

For $3.70 per month, you get instant subscription access directly through the Raiz App.

Just click on Offsetters to get your membership started.

The current programs we are engaged with in the subscription are:

CECIC HKC Gansu Changma Wind Power project:

How does Offsetting my Carbon work?

Three tonnes will be offset from every member's carbon footprint for each year they are part of the program. Just 1000 Offsetters will create a carbon reduction equivalent to over 50 cars being taken off Australian roads for an entire year.

How does the Australian Disaster Relief Fund work?

Now more than ever, Australia needs our help.

From flashfloods to devastating fires, Australia is facing the harsh reality of a rapidly changing climate. Offsetters members can help!

We pool 5% of all Offsetters memberships into an Offsetters Australian Relief Fund which is then donated to impact projects that provide relief or aid when natural disasters strike.

In a show of solidarity, Raiz Invest and Cleaner Climate are committed to matching the Offsetters community funds dollar for dollar.

Why are you giving away prizes?

We have carefully aligned Offsetters with prizes that either demonstrate the adoption of clean technology or promote the beauty of our planet using best-practice sustainable principles.

Our mission is to drive awareness to these technologies and brands demonstrating leadership as well as to enable our members the ability to experience the amazing planet in which we live and must protect.

What are the Prize Details?

Prize Pool 1. Upon Reaching 4,000 Offsetters members, one Raw Eatables Organic Fruit and Vegetable Box will be won every month, valued at $500 AUD.

Prize Pool 2. Upon reaching 10,000 Offsetters members, 3 x 6.6kW home solar systems will be won or a year’s free power through PowerShop.

Prize Pool 3. Upon reaching 20,000 Offsetters members, 2 x 10-day Luxury Expedition Cruise for the Winner and one companion to the extraordinary Antarctica will be won valued at AUD33,000 each.

Prize Pool 4. Upon reaching 50,000 Offsetters members, 1 x Telsa Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode valued at AUD175,000 will be won.

More information on the Prizes can be found at Section 6 of the Terms and Conditions

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time. To do this, please go to the Home Screen or Side Menu > My Settings > Support > Offsetters Unsubscribe.

Raiz Kids

What is Raiz Kids?

Raiz Kids is an investment feature which provides Raiz Invest users the ability to save and invest for your children and/or dependents who are under the age of 18. It is a way to teach children and/or dependents about investing and saving for the long term.

What are the benefits of using Raiz Kids?

Raiz Kids account(s) are separate to your primary Raiz Invest account and can utilise the same investing features as your primary Raiz Invest account. Raiz Kids account(s) can have their own portfolio selection, and can make investments using round-ups, recurring investments, one-off investments and cashback invested from eligible Raiz Rewards purchases.

How can I setup a Raiz Kids account?

You will need to have an existing Raiz Invest account before setting up any Raiz Kids account(s). Once you are signed up with Raiz Invest, you can access Raiz Kids by heading to Invest > scroll to Automatic Savings for your Child on the home page of the app or webapp. From here, you can create a Raiz Kids account.

Is there a Raiz Kids App guide?

Please see the App Guide for details regarding the use and features of Raiz Kids.

How can I check my Raiz Kids account balance(s)?

You can review your Raiz Kids account(s) balances on the home page or by heading to Invest > scroll to Automatic Savings for your Child. Click or tap on each Raiz Kids account to see more detailed performance information.

How can I change the parental controls for Raiz Kids?

To update parental controls, select Invest > Automatic Savings for your Child > Select the child > Settings > Access.

Is there a fee for using Raiz Kids?

For the introduction of the updated Raiz Kids platform, there is no monthly maintenance fee or account fee. We will email you a minimum of 30 days before the Raiz Kids feature will start incurring a fee. To see a full breakdown of our fee structure for Raiz Kids accounts, please read the PDS.

What happens when a Raiz Kid reaches 18 years of age?

When your child turns 18, they can simply take over managing the account for themselves – and all the normal features of a primary Raiz Invest account will then be made available to them such as setting up a savings goal and making deposits and withdrawals out of their own funding account.

Do I need to have a funding account linked to use Raiz Kids?

Yes. The funding account connected for the primary Raiz Invest account will be used for all investment requests in the Raiz Kids account(s), including one-off investments, recurring investments and automatic round-ups.

What are the possible tax implications of using Raiz Kids?

Any realised gains or losses through the Raiz Kids account(s) are attributable to your nominated child. Your child will be treated as holding their portfolio of assets directly when assessed for any tax incurred on their Raiz Kids Investment Account. Please seek independent tax advice regarding any taxation implications for such transfers.

Is there a limit to how many Raiz Kids accounts I can create?

There can be up to 8 Raiz Kids accounts created at any one time.

Can each of my Raiz Kids accounts be invested in different portfolios?

Yes, each Raiz Kids account has access to all of our portfolio options. Each Raiz Kids account can have a different portfolio selection.

Can I close my Raiz Kids accounts?

Yes, you can close the Raiz Kids accounts at any time by selecting the account within Invest > Automatic Savings for your Child > Select the Raiz Kids account > Close. The balance will be withdrawn and deposited back to the nominated funding account of the primary Raiz Invest account.

Can I use different funding accounts for each Raiz Kids account?

No. Only one funding account can be used for the primary Raiz Invest account and the Raiz Kids account(s) combined.

How will I be notified of any changes made by my Raiz Kids account(s)?

If you enable notifications for any changes or investments to Raiz Kids account(s), a notification will show in the primary Raiz Invest account in the notification ‘bell’ icon on the homepage.

Can I transfer between my primary Raiz Invest Account and my Raiz Kids Account (s)?

Yes, you can transfer between the Raiz Kids account(s) and the primary Raiz Invest account. On the home page, head to ‘Check how your Raiz Kids are doing’ > Select the Raiz Kid account > select ‘Transfer In’ or ‘Transfer Out’.

Savings Goal

What is Savings Goal?

Savings Goal is a feature within Raiz that allows you to set up a financial goal and keep track on achieving this goal.

How does it work?

To set up a Savings Goal through the mobile app or website app, please select the ‘Invest’ tab in the menu bar. From there, please select the ‘Recurring’ tab, whereby you will be able to set a financial goal by toggling the button on/off and subsequently entering in the amount you desire.

You can then select a goal from the listed options or create a custom one yourself > select the target amount > set a recurring investment to help achieve that goal.

What is the Forecast Goal Date?

This is the predicted date in which you will reach your financial goal based on the current investments being made to your Raiz account. Please note this will change if you change the recurring investment amount and frequency.

Can I have more than one goal set up?

No, you can only set up one goal. We wanted to make it simple to focus on hitting one savings goal at a time. You can edit this goal at any time.

What are the benefits?

We think it’s important to have financial goals. While everyone may have different goals in mind, we strive to help all our users feel in control of getting where they want to be financially. The Savings Goal is a great way to save for something specific and watch your progress as you get closer and closer!

Common Reporting Standard

What is CRS?

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a new information-gathering and reporting requirement for financial institutions (imposed by the Australian government), to help fight against tax evasion.

Who is reportable?

The CRS seeks to establish the tax residency of Account Holders. Under the CRS, Financial Institutions such as Raiz are needed to identify Account Holders who are also tax residents outside of Australia and report certain information to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The ATO may share that information with the tax authority where the Account Holder is also a tax resident.

Why are you asking me for my jurisdiction(s) of tax residency?

Under the CRS, the ATO requires financial institutions such as Raiz, to collect and report certain information relating to their Account Holder’s tax residency(ies).

If you have an Raiz account or change your circumstances in some way, we may ask you to certify a number of details. This process is called “self-certification” and we are required to collect this information under the CRS.

You are responsible to provide the correct information to Raiz when we ask.

Is everyone doing this?

All financial institutions – that includes banks, insurers and fund management businesses – in Australia are required to be compliant with the CRS.

How is my tax residency defined?

This will depend on where you live and your circumstances. Please contact a professional tax advisor or check the OECD Automatic Exchange Portal for more information on how to determine your tax residency, as Raiz cannot give tax advice.

How often will I need to provide this information?

Once we have a valid self-certification on file, you may only be asked to complete another when you update certain information on your account or we believe your reportable status may have changed.

Will Raiz respect your privacy?

Raiz will respect your data privacy and comply with our stated Privacy Policy and regulations around CRS. We will only disclose your information to the ATO (and other relevant tax authorities if directed by the ATO).

What information will be reported to tax authorities?

The information reported to tax authorities will have been provided in the self-certification section of the Raiz App, and details about the account and products you have with us, including:
  • Account number
  • Account balance or value
  • Certain income and payment information
  Note, if you'd like more info on tax, check out this article.

What will happen if I do not provide the requested information?

You are legally obliged to provide the information when asked by Raiz. Raiz is obliged to request the information and are obliged to report your investor data (such as account balances and financial income) to the ATO. The ATO will be able to cross reference information provide or not to Raiz with other data sources.

Buying and Renewing a Raiz Insure Policy

How can I obtain a quote?

You can obtain an online quote through our website. Please click on the Get Quote button on the Raiz Insure website to obtain a quote.

Note, if you'd like more info on Raiz's insurance, check out this article.

What information do I need ready to obtain a quote?

You will need to know:
  • The suburb and postcode that you live in,
  • Brand/model and replacement value of the item/s you wish to insure.

Who is Raiz Insure issued by?

Raiz Insure Single Item Insurance is issued by Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFS Licence No. 227681.

How do I pay for my premiums?

You are required to pay in monthly instalments via Visa or Mastercard.

What is the Raiz Reward and when will I receive it in my Raiz account?

You will receive 10% of your policy amount invested back into your Raiz account each month. This will be invested into your Raiz account at the beginning of each month for the policy held for the previous month.

Are my items covered all over Australia?

Yes, but where your items are covered will depend on whether you choose to add optional extras to your cover. If you choose ‘Theft cover anywhere in Australia’, the item will be protected for theft anywhere in Australia. If you choose ‘Accidental damage’, the item will be protected for accidental damage occurring anywhere in Australia. If you do not select these optional extras, the item will only be protected at home.

Managing My Raiz Insure Policy

I need to cancel my policy. What do I do?

No problem, you can cancel your policy at any time by completing the Contact Us form which you will find in the footer on any page on the website. Just ask us to cancel the policy. You will no longer be eligible for the 10% Raiz Reward.

Is there a cooling off period and if I cancel do I get a refund?

Cancelling within the cooling off period – If you change your mind within 21 days of purchasing your policy and you haven't made a claim, you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund.

Cancelling after the cooling off period – You can still cancel your policy after the cooling off period and you will not be charged any further instalments from cancellation but we will not refund any instalments already paid.

Claiming with Raiz Insure

How do I make a claim?

You can lodge your claim online by logging into your account at

I need to make a claim, what do I need to provide?

You’ll need to provide evidence of receipts or other proof of ownership including photographic evidence. If the claim is due to a criminal or deliberate act, please ensure you have the incident report number the police gave to you along with the name of the police officer, station reported to and date reported.

I need to make a claim – what’s my excess going to be?

An excess is the amount that you need to pay towards each item of property if you make a claim for your insurance. The amount of the excess depends on the particular item insured and will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

How are claims paid?

If your valid claim is accepted, your item will typically be repaired or replaced within 14 days. We are unable to guarantee a 14 day replacement or repair period due to circumstances outside our control (such as delays if we need to wait for parts for repair).

The Insurer may choose to provide you with a replacement item or with a voucher to purchase an equivalent item through a supplier, or pay you a cash settlement. If an item requires replacement the typical process would involve either: posting you a brand new item (if able to be posted), arranging for you to pick up the item from a local store (such as JB HiFi), or delivering the item if it is large (TV).

The maximum amount we will pay for any item is the sum insured for that item as shown on the Certificate of Insurance.

Raiz x bundll FAQ

What is the Raiz x bundll partnership?

Raiz has partnered with bundll, to allow users, who are eligible, to apply via the Raiz app, for a bundll card, accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

The Raiz application link offers you the ability to apply for bundll using your existing Raiz customer information/data, such as your mobile number, email, full name, DOB and registered address to streamline the application process. If approved for bundll, Raiz initiated applications, will be provisioned with a co-branded Raiz x bundll digital card in either Google Pay or Apple Pay on your mobile phone.

How do I get Raiz x bundll?

If you see a Raiz bundll link in your Raiz app then you’re welcome to apply! Simply follow the prompts within your Raiz app to download bundll, then go through the quick pre-populated application.

How do I use Raiz to make repayments to my bundll account?

Your Raiz account will be automatically connected as a funding source in your bundll app.

You'll also be prompted to add a Visa or Mastercard as a funding source. You can set either as your default funding source.

If you set Raiz account as the default funding source you are giving us a standing instruction to dispose of enough ETF Units, or Bitcoin, in your Raiz account to cover any amount you owe to bundll when it is due.

What happens if my bundll automated payment declines due to insufficient Raiz funds?

If Raiz is set as your default funding source in bundll but the automated repayment fails due to insufficient funds, it will automatically try the credit or debit card you registered as your secondary funding source during signup. If that doesn’t work, you’ll enter the standard grace period which gives you an additional 24 hours before a late payment fee is applied.

See additional terms and conditions on the bundll app.

Can I remove bundll from my Raiz account?

You cannot remove bundll from your Raiz account but you can choose not to use Raiz for any payments, just make sure your debit/credit card is set as your primary / default funding source in your ‘Profile’ page in the bundll app and has sufficient funds.

You can close your bundll account by going through to the bundll app.

How do I change my default funding source to/from Raiz?

If you want to change your primary funding source, you can do this via your ‘Profile’ page within the bundll app.

Can I use Raiz to pay for a snooze fee or superbundll establishment fee?

Yes, you can. When you’re snoozing or moving a bundll to superbundll, just select ‘Raiz’ as your payment method (if it’s not already). See additional terms and conditions on the bundll app.

How do I see what bundll payments have been taken from my Raiz account?

From the ‘Payment History’ screen which is accessed in the ‘Profile’ page in your bundll app. This gives you a list of all your bundll repayments, including those taken from your Raiz account.

You can also see any payments made to your bundll account in the ‘past’ tab of the Raiz app and will also receive an inapp message in Raiz to confirm the payment to bundll was successful. You will also receive an email to your registered email address that your repayment has arrived.

What happens if I close my Raiz account?

Closing your Raiz account will not affect your Raiz x bundll account. However, if you have closed or stopped using Raiz, you will need to change your default funding source to your credit or debit card in the bundll app.

Who do I call or contact if I have a problem with my Raiz account?

All Raiz customers need to contact Raiz for any questions or issues with their Raiz account.

Who do I call or contact about my Raiz x bundll account?

For bundll customer enquiries, please get in touch through the Contact page on the bundll homepage. Further bundll FAQs can be found :

Complaints, hardship, dispute, and feedback in relation to your bundll card:

Please follow the instructions on this page here.

What are the terms and conditions of the Raiz x bundll $5 sign up bonus?

The following terms apply to the Raiz x bundll $5 bonus promotion.
  1. Raiz customers who have a bundll account (“Customers”) are eligible to receive a cashback of $5 on their first purchase using bundll (“Offer”).
  2. Customers must spend $5 or more intheir first single transaction (“Eligible Transaction”) to receive a casback , to receive a cash back of $5.
  3. This Offer commences on 29th June 2020 and ends at 11:59 AEDST on 13th July 2020 (“Promotional Period”) and is available for the first 10,000 bundll customers.
  4. This Offer is subject to your Raiz x bundll account remaining open until the cashback amount is applied to the Customer’s bundll account.
  5. The cashback amount will be applied to the Customer’s bundll account within 7 days of the Eligible Transaction.
  6. This Offer is redeemable for one Eligible Transaction only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This Offer excludes Eligible Transactions that have been reversed or refunded.
  7. The Promoter is ©2020 FlexiCards Australia Pty Ltd ABN 31 099 651 877. Bundll is a trademark of Flexirent Capital Pty Limited, a subsidiary of FlexiGroup Limited. The Raiz Invest Australia Fund is issued in Australia by Instreet Investment Limited (ACN 128 813 016 AFSL 434776) a subsidiary of Raiz Invest Limited and promoted by Raiz Invest Australia Limited (ACN 604 402 815).
  8. This offer is subject to credit approval by the Promoter on the bundll application.