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Jake, a seasoned Raiz user of almost 5 years, embarked on his financial journey after discovering the platform through social media, first hearing about Raiz (‘Acorns’ at the time) through the Facebook group ‘Aussie Investors.’ “It was pitched as a way to save money,” Jake recalls, reflecting on his initial motivation to start using the platform.

In the early days, Jake used Raiz’s round-up feature as a convenient method to invest his accumulated savings effortlessly. However, as his financial goals evolved over the years, so did his use of Raiz. “These days, I use Raiz just for my kids now,” Jake explains. He diligently allocates 2.5% of his gross income each fortnight into the Raiz account, with plans to increase this commitment annually. This long-term strategy aims to secure his children’s financial future, covering expenses such as education costs, extracurricular activities, and even their first cars.

It’s not unusual that as Raiz user’s move through different life stages, the subsequent role of Raiz in their lives evolves with them. Saving for an overseas holiday becomes saving for a first home, saving for a baby becomes savings for the baby.

Jake has built a custom Raiz Plus portfolio which he enthusiastically monitors. While investing in the market naturally has its ups and downs, he has witnessed significant growth in his Raiz investments. “My Raiz account has consistently outperformed most major indices, and I find that my Raiz balance is much greater than forecast,” he notes, crediting Raiz’s diverse range of investment options and fractional shares for his success.

Jake highlights several aspects of Raiz as a savings and investment platform that he particularly likes. Among these, the ability to invest in fractional shares stands out, allowing him to deposit any amount, whether it be $5 or $500, and have it automatically divided to meet his target portfolio. He also appreciates the feature of dividend reinvestment. Jake makes frequent use of Raiz Rewards, leveraging it for most online purchases as a means of earning ‘free money’, and enjoys participating in surveys for additional rewards. Moreover, the simplicity and clarity of the tax reports provided by Raiz make tax filing straightforward, enabling him to manage his taxes independently through platforms like MyTax.

Jake’s Raiz journey is a prime example of how the platform can ‘Raiz’ your financial game 😉. By cleverly using all the features Raiz offers, Jake isn’t just looking out for himself – he’s setting up a bright future for his kids too.


Published 30/5/2024


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