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Raiz Rewards is real cash investments, not points.

Since inception, we have invested over $900,000 back into our customers’ Raiz Invest and Raiz Super accounts, with the average Raiz Reward of $5 invested back into a customer’s Raiz account per reward. With over 200 brands in Raiz Rewards, there’s a high chance we have the brands you already shop with online.

If you have answered this question from our “Chance to WIN – Quiz of the Month” email, you are now in the running to WIN one of 5 x $50 bonuses invested into your Raiz account. If not, simply check for an email titled “Chance to WIN: $50 bonus”, answer this question within the email and you will automatically be in the draw for the month!


What brands do we partner with?

We partner with many local and international brands across a variety of categories in our Raiz Rewards section. We currently have partners in fashion, food, travel, tech and more.

We’re also constantly on-boarding new partners so be sure to check the app and any communications about new partners. This means more opportunities for more cashback into your Raiz account.

Raiz Reward Partners

Keep an eye out for our new Raiz Rewards interface with an improved experience, including a search bar and categories, rolling out soon!

The new Raiz Rewards interface
The new Raiz Rewards interface


Start earning cashback through Raiz Rewards now in the Raiz mobile app or web app:


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Don’t have the Raiz App?

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