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For most investors, investing comes with a strong emotional attachment. If stocks go up, it is easy to feel elated. If stocks go down, it is even easier to feel devastated. It’s only through experience in the market that we can learn how unbeneficial it is to be emotionally invested in our investments.

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Economist were on the edge of their seats on Tuesday… but not because of GameStop stock. It was the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBAs) interest rate decision day, and it came with some surprises. Whilst the RBA governor Philip Lowe announced that the Central Bank will keep its cash rate target at a record low 0.1%, which was expected, he also said that the RBA was unlikely to consider raising this rate before 2024. That is over three years away!

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George Lucas, Raiz Group CEO

Equity markets felt the effects over the last 10 days of the surreal GameStop saga, which saw shares in the retailer, which operates a network of 5000 video game stores in the US, rise stratospherically as day traders laid siege to short-sellers betting against the loss-making chain.

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