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Regardless of your financial income it is important to address two key factors as a woman living in a world adorned in dollar signs. Resilience and Wellbeing, the balance between the two provide a foundation for a strong financial relationship that is not only flexible in times of hardship but also allows us to enjoy the fruits of that which we have worked so hard to cultivate.

Current statistics recognize that women’s savings are inadequately supporting the needs of older generations. An astonishing 34% of single 60+ year old women are currently living below the poverty line.

The financial story of women is in desperate need of a rewrite and in a way, that challenges us in an exciting and engaging way. How do we turn this story of gloom into one of stability and positive growth? The words Resilience and Wellbeing echo again.

Spending time in the trenches assessing the details when needed, taking authority over one’s own savings and spending with clear and honest understanding. Gone are the days of Prince charming and Fairy God mothers, we are moving into an era of #girlbosses where we are just as interested in the latest fashion trends as we are the intricacies of our own financial security.

Resolve to find your own definition of financial stability. Not your best friends’ idea of stable and secure or the likes of business guru Jo Horgan- Mecca Brands. What are a list of your basic needs to be for filled to allow you to feel grounded and safe? Simple questions like this can and will encourage a new story to grow.

With strength comes stability and with continued awareness we can move with confidence in a financial world. The goal is balance, present when times are tough and presence when we are glowing in the face of financial freedom.


Author: Jessie-Anne is a yin yoga/meditation teacher and writer based in Sydney, Australia. 



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