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Target Market Determination
From 5 October 2021, this page will host the Target Market Determination for the Raiz Invest Australia Fund issued by Instreet Investment Limited.
What is a Target Market Determination (TMD)?
A Target Market Determination is a document which describes the type of investor our product is appropriate for (target market). It also contains conditions, if any, around how the product can be distributed to customers.

It also describes events or circumstances which may cause us to review the Target Market Determination.

Please note a TMD is not intended to provide financial advice. A TMD is a general description of a group of people or group of investors that are appropriate for a product. It is not about you specifically. It is not designed to inform any particular investor that the product is appropriate for them, but is instead aimed at a type of investor. Therefore, please read the TMD carefully, and when making a decision about a financial product always make sure you read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement. The risks of investing in this financial product are fully set out in the Product Disclosure Statement and is available on the Raiz Website and App.

You should also seek professional advice on whether a product suits your own financial situation.
Delivering better customer outcomes
We are required to make a Target Market Determination available under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act (Cth) 2019.

As you know, at Raiz, we are all about you, our customers – and we have been from our very beginning. So our customers have always been front and centre in our approach to design and distribution of our financial products. In fact, much of our innovation in financial product is driven by you – at your request. So this law is nothing new for us. We were already doing it. The benefit to you is, that everyone else now has to put customers at the centre of their design and distribution of their financial products – it has now become a legal requirement.