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Raiz Stories

Jason P.

I would love to share my Raiz story! I am a thirty-five year old man who works two jobs and lives paycheck to paycheck. I can afford to save a couple of hundred dollars a month though. About five years ago I got to thinking about saving for retirement and investing, so I contacted a larger stock market investing company. I spoke to a broker and explained my situation of only being able to invest one hundred dollars or so each month. The broker informed me that it was not enough for his company to even consider, to say I was disappointed and let down would be a understatement. Fast forward years ahead and I sat just watching the stock market climb without me in it, it left me thinking about what could have been and how much money I could have made, and I thought about how I could have been comfortable knowing that I had money working for me in the market.

Then it happened, just last week as I was sitting down after a long day of work I saw that same large investment company I contacted advertising their investment app for phones and tablets on television. Naturally I wondered if there were any other apps that were out there where I could try again to get my limited funds into the market. So I hop on the app store and search investment apps and up pops RAIZ! I did some research, I read reviews, and I read about Raiz “round up” and “Raiz Rewards” features. I was overjoyed with the features and opportunities that Raiz had to offer! I thought about all times I would swipe my card for food or for coffee and the idea of actually having Raiz help me invest by rounding up each purchase excited me greatly, so I signed up!

After using Raiz for just under a month’s time I can say that I’m very impressed and grateful that a company like Raiz exists to help me, the average Joe enter the stock market and make my future brighter! I am looking forward to a long and prosperous future with Raiz and I can’t wait to also see Raiz change and improve many other people’s lives and futures for the better as well!

Angie R.

They say dream big. I'm serious about that. For as long as I can remember, my ultimate dream was to go to space. No, seriously. When I turned 30 I decided I needed to start saving for 30 years and bank on compound interest so I can buy my ticket. I looked around at different options, learned about stocks and bonds, and then I found Raiz. Super simple. Now I have top ups and additional weekly payments in a high risk long term portfolio, and I'm going to make it happen. One day far far into the future you'll see a post from me, living my dream because of Raiz! I can't wait.

Dan B.

I was raised with atrocious financial literacy. I'm terrible at saving and getting my head around investing has been almost impossible for me. Raiz has taken a lot of the mystery out of saving and investing. I've saved money without even realising, learnt a little about how investing works and seen the power of compounding (look at me using fancy words now!) I don't have anything in particular I'm saving for, I just want to make our family a little more financially secure. The best thing though is that I can pass this knowledge on to my kids and break the cycle of poor financial literacy in my family.

Emma Le S.

It wasn’t until after I left the abusive relationship that I realised how much financial control was involved. I left with my 3 year old daughter, my car and a bag full of assorted clothes which turned out to be mostly pjs. I was without any money and hadn’t worked in years. I was lucky that I had the backing of a very supportive family and network of friends.

A crisis payment and the single parenting pension helped me get on track. It wasn’t much, but it was the most money that I had in years and it belonged to me. Then begun the fierce budgeting. A couple of months after I restarted our lives, my friend posted on facebook about a new investment company that allowed for micro-transactions. I thought that it must have been too good to be true.

It was true! I began my investment with just $20 and a $2.50 referral. Now, 6 months later I have just over $800 with $127 of that being from round ups. It doesn’t look like much but guess what it means for me. It is the cost of my law text books for next semester, or it is the emergency dental work, it is the “all the bills come at once” emergency fund, or it can be the Christmas holiday where we can make new, happy memories. Thank you Raiz. Thank you for beginning my journey of financial freedom! I look forward to a long and harmonious relationship!

Josie D.

As a full-time university student I regularly find myself underemployed during the semester as I cannot meet the hours casual employers require. Discovering the app has given me much more peace of mind as it ensures some of my income will continue to grow. Also, Raiz is the best platform for me to start investing as I was apprehensive as to how a young person does start investing, and it's upcoming eco investment platform completely sold me! Thank you Raiz!